The Little Pianist

Besides the name of her first own original studio album, “The Little Pianist” is also the name of the project, with which Maria Karakusheva presented her works at the completely sold out concert hall of the Bulgarian engineering and architectural association (BIAD). The pianist had the honor to be the first musician to set foot on the stage of the fully renovated and filled with history emblematic metropolitan place.

It was not a coincidence that Maria chose exactly the 25th of September to step out with a new project, because the piano concert marked two significant dates for Maria – her 30th birthday and the 25th anniversary of her first appearance on stage. This was the first time, when the pianist performed her very own compositions for an audience and she says that her style was influenced by the famous contemporary French composer and minimalist Yann Tiersen.

Maria Karakusheva surprised her many fans with a non-standard approach to her stage appearance. In addition to her accompaniment by a string quintet, the pianist relied on an alternative, theatrical stage lighting, which took the audience to her magical musical world.

“The Little Pianist” is a very personal project which shows the emotions and thoughts of the young artist. Her music touches in a very gentle way, leaving a noticeable imprint on the mind and soul of the audience. With this project the pianist shows what she has learned in 25 years on stage, refracting it with her own creative style.