Classic in the House

“Classic In The House” is the first project of Maria Karakusheva with which she marked the beginning of a series of unusual combinations of classical and contemporary music. The pianist and the award winning DJ Borra followed the ambitious goal to take the classics outside the concert halls and make them available for everyone – from the biggest classical music fans to those who are just beginning to discover its beauty.

The project provides a new platform for music, which so far has been a privilege of selected circles of people, adapting it for the club scene. The result is an ideal harmonious contradiction, which proves that the more different two things are, the easier they supplement each other, blending into one.

By working together, the pianist and the DJ created not only the project “Classic In The House”, which they performed in public more than once, but also released their mutual track “Harmony”, whose futuristic clip is the work of the director Alexander Mollov.

At a time when both styles are not sufficiently developed in Bulgaria, the challenge to create a symbiosis between them additionally motivated Maria Kakrakusheva to devote herself entirely to the project with DJ Borra. To reach a maximum number of people, “Classic In The House” was presented at unconventional locations such as clubs and subway stations.